26-28 April 2024 - XXV Conference
Relevant Issues of Ecology
and Environmental Management
international scientific and practical conference
About the event
Annual conference for a wide range of participants, including:
  • representatives of international organizations and state authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • Russian and foreign scientists and specialists in the field of ecology, nature management, emergency situations, life safety;
  • students and postgraduates;
  • schoolchildren and their teachers

Working languages of the conference:
  • Russian,
  • English.

Forms of participation:
  • oral report (in person)
  • oral report (remotely online),
  • poster report (remotely on the conference website).

Conducted on the basis of the Institute of Ecology*
Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) since 1999.

*until 2022 - Faculty of Ecology of RUDN
Thematic sections of the conference


population structure and dynamics; succession process in ecosystems; key factors of ecological niche of plant and animal species; behavioral ecology and biological communication; influence of the anthropogenic factors on condition of ecosystems; bioindication.

Soil aspects rational environmental management

ecological functions and services of soils; influence of anthropogenic factors on soil condition; soil pollution and degradation, monitoring and evaluation of soil resources; soil carbon sinks and pools; rational use of soil and land resources, legislative and regulatory problems of their protection and use

Environmental geosciences and sustainability of geo-ecosystems

geo-ecological aspects of environmental management; geochemistry of the environment; monitoring of the state of environmental components; modeling and information technologies in environmental management

Technologies of ecological safety and resource saving

development and application of modern environmental protection systems; energy-efficient, low-waste and resource-saving technologies; closed production cycles; ecobiotechnologies; renewable carbon-free energy; elimination of accumulated environmental damage.

​ Environmental safety management

economic and legal foundations of rational nature management; green economy and closed cycle economy; state environmental policy and environmental legislation; rationing of environmental impact; problems of HSE-management implementation; identification and reduction of environmental risks; climate risks and climate projects.

​ Environmental engineering of urbanized systems

rational planning and development of urban areas, technologies of "green construction" and architecture, technologies of "smart" city, eco-resistant cities, comfortable and safe urban environment, artificial intelligence and green digital technologies in the service of the city, energy-efficient materials and saving technologies of housing and communal services, information systems for urban planning.

Food safety and greening of agricultural production

biofermentation of agricultural and processing industry waste; development of biological crop protection system; evaluation, development and practical application of entomophages, biopesticides, pheromones and attractants; technical regulation and environmental safety of products; products with improved environmental characteristics; products of organic production; optimization of production, processing and storage of agricultural crops.

Human ecology

environmental factors and their impact on humans; problems of human adaptation to changed environmental conditions; management of adaptation abilities of the organism; ecologically conditioned pathologies; functional products.

Ecology, philosophy, education

ecological philosophy; problems and ways of formation of ecological consciousness; modern educational technologies in the field of ecological education; development of the system of continuous ecological education.

​Within the framework of the conference:

  • Roundtable "Problems and Prospects of Introduction of Closed Cycle Economy in Waste Management"
  • Workshop "Ecological hydrogeology"
  • Student Research Paper Competition (for oral presentations only) ​
  • Environmental conference for schoolchildren
Publication of materials
  • Collection of conference materials

Materials of all reports in the form of short articles in Russian or English

Article-by-article indexing of the RSCI

After publication, it is available in electronic form at conference website

  • Special Issue of E3S Web of Conferences

Indexed in Scopus, Web of Science and other international databases. Articles in English are published in open access, in electronic form on the resource https://www.e3s-conferences.org

  • The journal "Dokuchaev Soil Bulletin"

Based on the results of the section "Soil aspects of rational nature management", selected materials on the results of the section will be recommended for publication in a special issue of the journal. Indexed in Scopus, Web of Science and other international databases. Published in open access

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Institute of Ecology
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Email: ecoconfrudn@gmail.com
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Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Institute of Ecology
Contact person: Tatiana Nikolaevna
Email: ecoconfrudn@gmail.com
Phone: +7 926 036-24-84
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